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Blockchain for supply chain and logistics – a working lunch at University of Brighton

David Lockie David is the founder of and Pragmatic with over fifteen years professional digital experience.

It’s been a busy few months here at Dcent HQ in Brighton. We’ve moved offices, completed our first commercial project (can’t wait to tell you who with) and have been working on new talks in the blockchain space.

Today I gave one of those talks for the first time at the University of Brighton, England: “Blockchain for supply chain and logistics.” Drawing on a similar introduction to the concepts and ideas of blockchain, I dive into a few examples of blockchain projects in the supply chain/logistics space and look at the trends that could fall out of those.

It was pretty nerve-wracking (but satisfying) to talk to the esteemed faculty across topics like finance, AI and computer science as well as logistics, and fantastic to get some really positive feedback.

Thanks too to the audience for your great questions 🙂

Here’s the talk:


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