Blockchain Program Delivery

Digital projects routinely mandate organisational change either to support success or as a result of that success (and often both). With hundreds of person-years of digital project delivery, Dcent's team has what it takes to deliver your blockchain program from all perspectives.


Lean thinking

Blockchain programs are always innovative: even a solid initial plan and concept rarely survives intact as constraints, client feedback, stakeholder vision and further opportunities modulate the program. We bake in lean methodology to hypothesise, test, learn and change at every cycle of a program to safeguard the quality and impact of the project.

Agile delivery

We're big believers in Agile project methdology using scrum and kanban to ensure efficient, effective delivery. The scrum ceremonies in particular maximise opportunities for co-creation, close team work and risk mitigation. We can leverage our long history of digital project and program delivery to provide C-suite friendly reporting and transparency that builds trust and underpins really productive partnership.

Blockchain training

We provide blockchain and cryptocurrency training. We're flexible to the duration, audience and level of expertise you want and can tailor our training to your requirements. We typically deliver: 1-2 hour c-suite briefings, one day executive training sessions and multiday blockchain developer training courses.

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